The Jewel of the Isle 

Dubbed ‘The Jewel of the Isle’ when it opened its doors in 1988, the Empress still proudly reflects its nickname almost twenty five years later.

There are several definitions of “jewel” in the dictionary, but the one that most aptly fits the Empress is:  “one that is highly esteemed.”

An intimate community of 117 units, the Empress has a reputation for being a welcoming, safe and well run residence.

Upon entering the bright and open Lobby, you notice tropical yet sophisticated furniture accessorized with potted palms, bromeliads and other tropical plants.  The newly refurbished elevators will bring you to the second floor, where unlike other condos, you will find the Social Room, Exercise Room and a large pool area.

Looking out over the dune the newly renovated Social Room reflects the same tropical feel of the Lobby.  A large bar and service areas are topped with granite and the walls filled with photos on stretched canvases that reflect the wildlife and landscapes of the Island.

The unique second floor pool area provides an ocean view framed by palms and sea grapes.  In addition to basking in the sun, ample shade is provided to read or enjoy table games.

In addition to its lovely surroundings, the Empress residents are the most important part of what makes the Empress “esteemed.”  Many original owners and their families are either full-time residents or snowbirds.  In season many renters have been returning for 15 years to participate and enjoy in the camaraderie, games, dinners and special events.

New faces are always welcome and soon become a part of the Empress family.

Board of Directors

Steed Johnson

 Carl Visscher
Vice President

Mike Vinyon

Carl Valdiserri

  Bob Christianson


Beach Cam

US Sailing Center
Martin County

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UPDATED: 9/18/2019

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